SRC200AB - 200 mm Aluminum Spherical Rotary Chimney Cowl with a Base

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It improves draft, protects the chimney from wind, rain and snow.
  • Diameter: 200mm
  • Material: Aluminum

Rotary chimney cowls mounted on ventilation chimney ducts.


  • improvement of chimney draught by creating negative pressure in the ventilation duct
  • backflow prevention
  • protection of the chimney ventilation duct against precipitation


The spherical rotary cap is mounted on the top of the chimney using the base or directly on the pipe - the chimney liner. In both cases, the bases should be under the top of the roof. It should be noted that the cowl should not be covered by a wall or other chimney duct on any side. If the distance between the flues is small, it is recommended to install elongated swivel cowls.

Mounting the base via the base

Mark the holes for the mounting pins on the top of the chimney, drill the holes and insert the wall plugs. Then screw the base of the rotating base, gluing the previously attached gaskets. If necessary, the top of the chimney can be leveled with sealing compound beforehand. After making sure that the entire structure is stable, put the base on and tighten it to the base with the side nuts . Correctly installed cap should rotate freely without making any noise.

Mounting the cowl directly on the pipe - chimney liner

It should be fastened with the side nuts, having previously cut oblong holes in the pipe.
WARNING! It is worth remembering that in any case, in order to ensure safety, installation of sockets should be entrusted to specialized professionals!


Rotating caps, like all technical devices, require maintenance. The review is best done once a year. It is worth combining it with the annual inspection of chimney and ventilation ducts performed by chimney sweeps. To carry out the inspection, dismantle, by unscrewing the side nuts, the upper (rotating) part of the base. Facilitated access to the chimney duct will allow for its control and the dismantled cowl can be cleaned (detergent + running water). After drying and removing any defects, put the cap back on the base and tighten the side nuts carefully.


The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase. We guarantee the high quality of our products and we hope that you will be satisfied with their long-term, trouble-free operation. If you have any questions, we offer professional advice and assistance.

Product made in Europe

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