STERR air-conditioning and heat pump floor stand with a load capacity of 500 kg - Adjustable - Max. 1040x560x300 mm

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Support for an air conditioner or heat pump.

Product features:

  • Total height: 300 mm + feet 90 mm
  • Width: 560 mm
  • Length: from 600 to 1040 mm
  • Material: 2 mm stainless steel, grade 304
  • Load capacity: 500kg (material tests show up to 700kg)
  • Installation width (mm): 280 to 535
  • Installation depth (mm): 540 to 975
  • Steel grade: 304
  • Thickness [mm]: 2.0


We offer a support for air conditioners and heat pumps - model HSA500. This sturdy construction made of high quality 2 mm thick stainless steel (grade 304) will provide you with a secure support for your unit.

The overall height is 300 mm and thanks to the 90 mm high feet, stability is ensured at the highest level. The structure is 560 mm wide and 600 to 1040 mm long, with an impressive load capacity of up to 500 kg (confirmed by material tests up to 700 kg).

Installation is extremely easy, with mounting widths available from 280 to 535 mm and mounting depths from 540 to 975 mm.

By choosing our professional solution, you can be sure that you will ensure the safety of your air conditioner or heat pump. Opt for the HSA500 support and enjoy peace of mind and reliability.

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