The construction of ventilation systems in a house is regulated by the building regulations. However, more and more investors decide to install additional devices and ventilation ducts that provide air exchange. Are such investments necessary in the housing construction industry and in which areas are they worthwhile?

A flat ventilation system - why should you think about it?

It probably doesn't need to be explained to anyone why the air in the rooms used by people has to be exchanged. The air is used up as the oxygen content decreases and other gases, carbon dioxide, fumes from furniture or exhaust fumes increase. Regular air exchange is therefore necessary, both to remove unnecessary components from the room and to let in the gases desired by the users.The easiest way to exchange the air is ventilation, i. H. opening windows or balcony doors. This method is very effective for air exchange and humidity regulation, but when the stale air escapes, thermal energy is lost. Ventilation in winter blows the heat out of the apartment, while in hot summer an open window lets in the heated air. Problems also arise on rainy days, when the humidity level in the apartment rises sharply.

In winter and on hot days it is necessary to air the rooms. This is due to allergens or odors that accumulate in the house, but also because our brain needs to be oxygenated or the humidity level needs to be balanced. Therefore, it is worth using additional, mechanically operated ventilation ducts. The simplest form of ventilation is air exchange using a rotating fan. More complicated devices such as recuperators extract thermal energy from the stale air flowing through the ventilation ducts and transfer it to the fresh air. This reduces energy losses.

Comfortable ventilation in the home with the right accessories

How often do I have to ventilate my apartment to have clean air? Different studies give different figures for the amount of air that needs to be exchanged in rooms. However, the most common assumption is that all air should be replaced within an hour, i.e. H. the equivalent of their cubic capacity. That's quite a lot, so a proper approach to this problem is needed in modern buildings.

A flexible aluminum ventilation pipe that is connected to the appropriate ducts is not sufficient in every case. Gravity ventilation works well in open areas of the home. In closed rooms such as warehouses, archives, boiler rooms or similar, it is worth using additional devices that can improve the draft and remove the used air.

Many solutions do not require a major remodeling of the ventilation ducts, and often even the existing flexible aluminum ventilation duct can remain in place. You just need to fit the right mechanical fan to help evacuate the stale air. You can also choose fans with a timer, such as the BFS150P-B - Bathroom Fan Black 150mm (PIR). This device can turn on at regular intervals and exchange the air for a certain period of time. Fans with a timer can be programmed for consecutive cycles or integrated with a light switch or sensor on the door. Good timer fans are considered very economical because they use energy and only run when people are in the room.

Bathroom fans with hygrostat - additional humidity control

Carbon dioxide levels alone are just one of the air quality problems. In damp rooms, such as the kitchen and especially the bathroom, too much moisture is also a problem. In such a case, you may need bathroom fans with a hygrostat equipped with a humidity sensor. Such devices turn on the fan automatically when the humidity level exceeds a certain level.

Bathroom fans with hygrostats are mainly required in small, blind bathrooms and in basement rooms. They can ensure an appropriate climate there and also guarantee users more security. If the air humidity is too high in combination with high temperatures, you may feel dizzy and tired when you are in the bathroom. From here it is only a short way to a serious accident. Therefore, the air circulation in the room with the help of devices such as the BFS100H-MB - bathroom fan black with hygrostat will offer you more safety when bathing.

A good flexible aluminum ventilation pipe in combination with a suitable fan ensures effective air exchange. The whole set is inexpensive and does not cause major problems during installation and does not consume much energy during operation. However, with their help, the ventilation of the apartment becomes better and more efficient, which translates into greater comfort of use of this facility.