A bathroom fan is one of the mandatory items that must be installed in bathrooms. Thanks to him, it is possible to exchange the air in the room and remove excess moisture and other impurities from the room. A well-chosen bathroom fan is one where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Learn what features to look for when choosing a device.

When and why do you need a bathroom fan?

Removing excess carbon dioxide and moisture from the bathroom is essential for user safety. Building regulations clearly state that wet rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets must be gravity ventilated. However, if the bathroom space is larger than 6.5 m2, a mechanical bathroom fan is required. Such a device supports the work of the chimney pipes, and also improves the functionality of this place.

In smaller bathrooms you can also install a bathroom fan with a hygrostat or devices that are switched on together with the lighting. The use of such fans is particularly worthwhile in blind, closed or sporadically used rooms in which there is a significant problem with air exchange. They will help you avoid musty smells, mold growth and other unpleasant situations. In addition, you can safely go to the toilet without fear of fainting.

Technical data of fans - what should you pay attention to?

Effective operation of the fan is possible if its parameters are correctly selected for the needs of the bathroom. Therefore, pay particular attention to the capacity of the device. This parameter is given in cubic meters of air that the device can let through per hour. A good fan is a fan whose hourly output is slightly higher than the cubic capacity of the room. For a smaller bathroom, do not choose the most powerful unit as the maintenance cost of a bathroom fan will increase.

When the performance of the device is sufficient, you can move on to other functions. Choosing a quality bathroom fan with a timer or any other from the sklep.sterr.pl offer, you don't have to worry about its quality and moisture protection. The dimensions of the devices are also standardized and matched to the chimney drafts specified in the regulations. Therefore, you can afford to choose devices that improve functionality. Which elements are worth betting on?

In bathrooms that are also equipped with toilets or separate rooms of this type, it is worth installing a bathroom fan with a timer. This type of device can be integrated with the lighting in the bathroom and the fan will turn on for a specified time when the lamp in the room is turned on. Another interesting product is a bathroom fan with a hygrostat, which is equipped with humidity sensors. This type turns on automatically when a high specific moisture content is detected. This prevents excessive concentration of moisture, fogging of mirrors and endangering people in the interior.

Other features of bathroom fans

The functionality of bathroom appliances is of paramount importance, but aesthetics should not be forgotten either. Each bathroom fan is a visible element in the bathroom and its appearance should match the decor of the room. So once you've picked a device with the right performance and sensors, the only thing left to focus on is its looks.

Each of the bathroom compartments offered at sklep.sterr.pl is made in a modern style. In most cases, the fan's propellers are not visible and are hidden behind a protective plate. The whole thing looks very minimalist, and basically only the color of this element can stand out or blend into the overall arrangement.

As for color, white fans are most often used in bathrooms. This color is somehow intuitively chosen for sanitary and wet rooms and is associated with cleanliness. In recent years, however, we have increasingly dared to break the mold and black bathroom fans, for example, are very popular. They not only go well with black tiles, but can also decorate wood-like surfaces and contrast with white surfaces. In the offer of good manufacturers you will also find a bathroom fan in gray or cream.

A well-installed bathroom fan is one you forget to exist. If it does its job well and doesn't spoil the look of the bathroom, you can use it al